Wednesday, February 27, 2013

25 things about me whilst i wait for a text.

why do people fall asleep when the conservation is getting interesting?? i mean i know i do but the people that text me at 2:35 are normally boring people.

sorry pals if your reading. ah so here i am writing a blog at ridiculous a clock in the morning because my friend has decided he needs his beauty sleep which to be fair he probably does but now im bored......

so I'm now going to write 25 things about me so that by the end of it i might even have a text.....

1. I'm 5ft 5 which is perfect because i just about reach the height of my dream job.
2. My eyes never fail to surprise me because there always changing color from green to brown to dark brown.... it just nice to see a new color every morning when i wake up.
3.Even though one of my best friends is constantly by my side we cant help but text other people yes were that boring.
4. when i was little i was always in and out of hospital meaning i missed out on being a cool kid at nursery with bricks this is why i now love Lego.
5. I always feel like a little kid before Christmas a day before a concert or a rave.

(still no text)

6. I've always wanted to be a spy or work for MI5 but i know ill never be cool enough as im so clumsy.
7.I have an obsession with always dying my hair or trying new products its ridiculous 
8.roses are my favorite flowers.
10. i once made my own wallpaper, by magazines and photos from my Facebook
11. I  absolutely hate sprouts i mean at Christmas i would throw them out the window...
12. I live in joggers and my pj bottoms because there so comfy and if it was acceptable to wear them out i would.
13. this is my most luckiest number 
14. i make vlogs in my spar time because it cheers me up.
15.my favorite movie is dear john only because i once went out with a soldier and it reminded me of "us"
16.  favorite alcoholic drink is JD.
17. Favorite normal drink APPLE JUICE.
18.  I once killed a whole tree crying over my ex using all the tissues at my  best friends +Caroline Burtenshaw  house
20. i get on better with guys then i do girls because they are so simple and they don't bitch
21. if i see a sign that say "wet paint" i would have to touch it just to see if they where lying or not.
22.  I take photography because i always think things seem better through a lens
23. i love everything fake eg fake nails,hair, and eyelashes but this doesn't make me fake does it?
24. My little brother is the most important person in my family to me i mean i would take a bullet for this kid. but it have to be a rubber one or plastic cos ain't nobody got time for the real shit.
25. I have the best group of friends in the world there always there for me and support me through everything
and for that i owe them everything

okay so there is my 25 things and guess what i have no text still..............................

obviously the thought of me was to exciting and they fainted
anyway guys im off to hit the hay and sleep so night night.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A very pissed of letter ...............


Today all ive been doing is nervously looking at my youtube account and the amount of views i have got which i guess sounds a bit odd but hey.

So yesterday i had my little bitch about blackberry and how i think there a pile of shit and i still do think there a pile of shit but after research Google answers told me to put it in a bowl of rice so now my blackberry is currently in a bowl of rice just chilling on the kitchen side. I've also noticed my"u" button is very hard which makes this even harder to type because i use a lot of "U" when typing..... ( odd fact i have just noticed).
Anyway back to my little rant off my phone.... I've decided that if my blackberry doesn't work that I'm going to get hold off the Google person who told me rice was a good idea, and write them a complaint letter, which will go something like this.........


What do you think guys? do you think they will buy that i mean i threaten them with Jeremy Kyle and if i was  them i wouldn't want to be threatened with that guy i mean he seriously is the only reason i wake up early is so i can watch him kick butt

can i say butt, sorry if i offended some readers with that word actually sorry if offended you with horse meat aswell hahah!
ohh god i may just stop typing............................

over and out MWAAAAH

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hi guys so im gonna talk about a phone and the phone i want to talk about to you is the SHITY BLACKBERRY

 I swear all  blackberry's are a shit excuse to spend money i mean i can buy a play phone from the 99p shop that will last longer then a blackberry however when it comes to using the play phone i doubt it would work, ahaha Just like a BLACKBERRY THEN.

Don't get me wrong like a blackberry is  fun to have to start with, but then after what a week they become the biggest pile of shite that was ever invented in the technology sector in my opinion but we get left with this blackberry why because other our parents have spent a good amount of money on it or were left with a contract that well..... enough said on that !

Like what is it with the stupid little black square box or the fact a blackberry resets it self 100000 times a day i mean is there any need i don't see a Nokia or Samsung doing that so why is a Blackberry....
There is hardly anything going for a Blackberry anyway
SO WHAT!!!!! there is bbm there's such thing as whatsapp which is just as good as it contacts all phones even though you need wifi to use it.
 and thinking off it there is nothing going for the Blackberry besides that ...
poor BBM

they dont even have the four pic one word game or temple run pffft

So sorry for my little rant about the blackberry but the phone has been bugging me for days on end and worse thing is this isnt even my first blackberry lets try my THIRD.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Tag; off getting to know me ......

So Sarah thought we should do a  Tag - All About Us well me in this case  so here I am filling into you earthlings random things in order to get to  know me. So Let the boredom begin 

Vital Statistics:
Me: EmmaLouise

Nicknames: Em,Emmy,M&M,Emmylou

Birthday: 19th April 1996.

Place of Birth: London England.
Zodiac Sign: Aries.
Male or Female: Female.
Occupation: None at the moment.
Residence: East Sussex
Screen Name: If I'm honest i don't actually know opps.


Hair Color: Black but dying brown as i type

Hair Length: Long.
Eye colour: Brown, but green when i cry and dark brown when I'm angry .... You've been warned.
Best Feature: Legs but my best friend thinks boobs oh how i love her.
Height: 5ft5.
Braces?: I've got them
Glasses?: Yes :(
Piercing: Helix,and your standerd ear pierce.
Tattoos: None at the moment i want a dream catcher one  though.
Righty or Lefty: Left yes im a sprawn of the devil.

Your 'Firsts':

First best friend: Ryan we met at the age off two and since then we've been so close, whenever we see one another, true friendship.
First Award: when i was younger i use to do dancing and swimming so i guess awards from them.
First Sport You Joined: Swimming and tennis and i still do it till this day.

First Real Vacation: Tour round America.
First Concert:  The tweenies at the age of four.


Movie: The notebook, Dear john,Pillow talk with Dorris day.

TV Show: Geordie shore, and vampire diaries.
Colors: All the barry m nail varnish colors.
Song: 5 years time by noah and the whale, and love and war by Rita Ora.
Candy: MINI EGGS && Nerds.
Restaurant: Nandos or maccy d's obviously you can tell I'm a classy bird.
Store: forever twenty one,river island,and the vintage stores in Camden lock.
School: St Richards
Book: Romance as I'm a true romantic.
Magazine: Company
Shoes: HEELS any day of the week.


Feeling: Hyped up with my Bestie.

Single or Taken: Taken
Eating: Nothing.
Typing: This.
Listening To: Caroline.
Thinking About: Finally starting my online blog.
Wanting: To lose weight and go brown with my hair.
Watching: Nothing.
Wearing: My PJ as its a SLEEPOVER.


Want Children?: Of course! Preferable 3 - two boys and one girl.

Want to be Married: Yes

Careers in Mind: Anything to do with travelling so being an Air hostess ( I LIKE THE WAY YOU DRESS GONNA SEE YOU SOON) Sorry about that .......
Where do you want to live?: Either Canada or America.

Have you ever:

Kissed a Stranger: Never.

Had Alcohol: Off course nothing is better then JD and coke.

Smoked: Yes, but only socially.
Ran Away From Home: No.
Broken a bone: No.
Got an X-ray: Yes.
Broken Someone's Heart: Yes but i never meant to and if your reading this I'm sorry.
Broke Up With Someone: Yes story of my life.
Cried When Someone Died: Yes, who doesn't............
Cried At School: Yeah, Nothing is better then having a good cry.

Do You Believe In:

God: I guess i have to seeing as i went to a catholic school, i mean 5 years off praying to nothing seems like a waste. 

Miracles: Yes,  I believe in miricles you sexy thing ( Another song outburst)

Love At First sight: Yes
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens : No.
Soul mates: Yes


Hell: Yes 

Kissing on The First Date: Depends.....
Yourself: Depends yet again....

So now i have answered all off these question, i thought maybe you could all have a go or message me if there is anything else you would like to know much love guys

P.s # +Sarah Adde  I did it !!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We've all got that one friend who?

My obsession is now writing blogs about my life, I don't even know why i'm not even that interesting but it seems to cheer my best friend up when she is alone... that girl really needs to get out of the house, just not on MIDNIGHT WALKS.
This is why I've decided to dedicate a post to her just so she can be all jolly and maybe even be inspired to maybe get out the house or  make a blog herself because she is quite funny and I'm sure she would keep all you readers interested FOREEEVVEERRR as she is quite an amusing and stupid in the nicest way ever.
So how did this all start? well i was round her house tonight and we were trying to decide how to spend our evening, which didn't include a midnight walk and getting kidnapped and the only way i could actually get my view across to her was by reading her my blog which did go okay in the end seeing as I'm now in the comfort off my own home writing this blog which seems a bit pointless ................
In fact i may finish off here, on the note of this being pointless because she will  probably see how much i have written and then not decide to read it so "hey there caroline" i hope i have inspired you to start blogging about your life, as it does generally amuse me and it will give you something to do.
Lots of  love lass,

Midnight walk.... in February you got to be kidding, right?

Right? so lets get this straight? my best friend has just asked me to go on a midnight walk in  FEBRUARY.! hasn't she noticed that one its COLD,two who on earth goes on walks at midnight in the woods! that's just a crime scene waiting to happen  i mean i like earth i don't want to get kidnapped by ALIENS well not yet anyway......

plus like what is there to do in a woods at midnight, she and the others are scared when there's a power cut so god help them walking through the woods in the  DARK, surrounded by tree's and mad people that have escaped the madhouse which is only down the road. And if they don't get us i'm damn sure frostbite will ITS LIKE -100
and also  I've lost my gloves and i like my hands they do a lot like write my blogs or send  text to normal friends who enjoy a night in, in front of the telly watching corrie or the Simpson on repeat with a cup of tea

So I've come to the conclusion no one in the right mind would do a midnight walk in the woods, Lets face were a bunch of girly girls why change it now?....
there fore after writing about my little rant about going  to the woods i will now text them and persuade them that keeping our hands and our lives on planet earth is a better idea then dying in a woods or being kidnapped by ALIENS.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Me myself i

A bit about myself well when I say bit I mean like a whole page but hey, wouldn't you like to know
About the person your reading blogs off firstly my name is emma louise lloyd but I get called (em,m&m, emmy,emlou,chicken, or just emma but that is boring )

So me  EMMYLOU , well I'm 16 going on 17 in april yaya that means soon I'll be able to drive which is unlucky for you guys already driving or even walking as I'm a major cause of concern haha! 

My hobbies would be just hanging With my friends or blogging or even making videos the decent kind offcourse !

I love topshop and forever21 and I love my makeup however I'm fussy when it comes to makeup as I only wear boobie brown or benefit along with natural collection !

However this blog just gone to girly , so until next time folks

A Short info of life in general ........


So I've been thinking about writing a blog for a while, actually 10 minutes but that still quite along time in my eyes. My best friend +Sarah Adde, the girl in the photo actually got me into this and eventually we will get round to making a youtube account called em&s yes I know its original  but me and her both like our food however on that note I hope you all will watch,enjoy, and subscribe to us