Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Morning Routine makeup that lot

Morning guys well afternoon, but i did start this in the morning so i guess i should say Morning (Afternoon, and NIGHT) but that's only if i don't publish this until later!
Right so today I'm seeing one of my main girls and we all know that if you have a friend as hot as the kadashians you need to try and make sure you look your best.

So I'm  just going to run through and give you my step to step guide line of how and what i use, when I'm away in London to make me feel good about myself but mostly because I did say i'd do beauty blogs and I haven't yet so here it is my FIRST EVER ONE! ( and maybe my last) .

Lets get down to business then firstly I, get out of bed and make it sorry but if my bed isn't made i stress out I hate going back to a messy bed after a  night out just to much to handle ha-ha! after I've made my bed I head of to the bathroom where, I have a shower and use the following products.

 okay so you can see here that I do actually use a number of products firstly lets talk about the conditioners I normally use the coconut and Almond conditioner from boots however seeing as I recently dyed my hair I had to use the casting creme gloss! so that is why that is there to but normally yes it is the Coconut&Almond conditioner. secondly then for shampoo I normally have VO5 but it had all ran out so I decided I'd use a Dove anti age shampoo which is actually amazing as its made my hair really soft so I definitely recommend this to anyone!Next would be my Coconut body lotion from body shop this is literally heaven actually anything from the body shop is AMAZING so yes another you should go out and buy right now! well not right now as the shops could be closed but ASAP!
lastly on this long list of shower things I use is my Tony&Guy volume mouse, I don't normally go for volume mouse but since my hair has been cut I realized that I actually may need this so yeah here it is on the list of things i used this morning.

Lets talk makeup....

step one then yes ( I USE A LOT OF MAKE UP GET OVER IT) 
first thing is first i normally remove any excess make up from the eyes using my "eye makeup remover pads" from New you! This literally gets rid of everything even if you are using waterproof mascara. IT GETS IT OFF YAYA!
after that i then use my  Bobbi Brown "Hydrating Gel Cream" this provides my skin with a refreshing glow, Leaving my skin feeling more soft and smooth, However when using this you have to make sure that the cream is absorbed into your face before applying makeup onto your skin.
 Okay, I look like a bit of a mug but I'm showing you my Foundations! so firstly i use my Bobi Brown Skin Foundation  SPF 15 ( Warm Beige) and I normally apply this by using my Foundation brush from Benefit. along with using a make up sponge to equal it all out!
second foundation i would use is my Benefit "Hello Flawless, Oxygen wow" foundation its SPF 25  and its called Money Honey! I personally think this is one of the best foundations I have ever used as it is not sticky yet it doesn't give you the orange look or even make your face look really bad within spot problems!
Lastly if i think i need more coverage i would use only  little bit of Collection 200 "naturally Matt foundation and this is a "blonde 2". and this normally would give me the best flawless complexion and yet again I'd apply all of these foundations with my Benefit Foundation Brush or a Make up sponge which you can buy from anywhere.
okay we still have loads to get through sorry guys! well okay first, I use my Illuminating Finish Powder SPF 12 from Bobi Brown and that normally gives me a more smooth a un shimmery finish to my face I apply this by using a Powder brush or Sponge that is given when you buy the powder,However as this normally makes my face look a tad pale! I then just use ONLY A LITTLE of MUA press powder in shade 4 this normally makes my cheek bones stand out more which emphases on my face making it look just a bit more natural but still keeping with a sunkissed glow! after this I move onto my Blusher which is called Dessert rose (15) from Bobi Brown yet again ( YES I LOVE THAT MAKEUP ITS THE BEST)! however this blusher is simply amazing because it doesn't make my cheeks look like I've been attacked by a clown but just a more of a peachy rose look which is much more natural and yet again helps with my cheek bones! after this I apply my Mua Eyelines to my water line along with applying red Lipstick from Mua as well however if I feel like risky it which today I did i normally go for a brown eye shadow just to make my eyelids stand out a bit more but not to much as I'm still going for the natural look!

and there we have it my makeup and morning routine! and oh yeah my end look but mind the heart  I did that as i was bored
anyway you lovely people
got to go 
more blogs to write 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Dear photograph

Hey there so its 01:43 and I can't sleep brilliant i know however i've been reading loads off peoples blogs and its made me realize how much  I have missed other "Leaving school, or just sharing good old memories with people this is why I've kind of dedicated this Page to a few pictures and little quotes not to just show picture i mean i have instagram for that owe yeah follow me "emloulloyd19" but It simply just to share some good old pictures

So here we go " A blast from the past"
when I was at secondary school we were always thought to be a radiator and not a drain silly I know but by the end of year 11 I sort of understood where my mad headteacher was coming from anyway a highlight from school was leavers year 2012! and all though it was a whole year ago . Seeing others in the prom dresses this year just made me think "man i really do miss all my old school friends and how close we use to be in fact after this i may drop them a message on facebook... or maybe not it is 01:50 am!

next then was not something that i sort of miss but the fact I have the best friends possible! Even if we moan at each other all the time. we couldn't live without one another and this is sort of why I'm so happy that they took me into there group when I started college there my personal little family and nothing would change my opinion on them!

i could go on forever however i may need to stop as i could be boring some off you but, before i go i need to add the college girls in because even though the people above our practically my family and people i care about more then anything  my poor college girls do have to hear me moan on a Monday morning so here you have it your last few images.

and there you have  it just a few memories and people who mean the world too
me over and out at 02:12


Another hashtag which i just seem to be in love with, I mean if  I write it to you guys,then it makes me feel like I have to do it so that what I'm going to do............
I am going to write it here to tell you what i want to do before I die. And then this way I have no choice but to do it!

So here I go!

1) Go and see the northern lights! yes i guess everyone wants to do this but honestly
  I think it just something that I think is just amazing and this makes me think of how
 perfect the world is! because personal little rant i hate it when people say i hate life 
well no you dont hate life you hate people or things the world itself is beautiful i mean
 by the way its so beautiful like blue skys,
bouncy looking clouds and green green grass along with aqua water ! and for people
 who live in England this excludes us ! ( JUST SAYING)

2) travel the world. I don't want to waste my life stuck in a job in the same place. Live life to the full. This kind of fits in with me quite well as i want to be a part of the cabin crew when im older so i think that could help with this one don't you think?

3) got to Paris with someone that means the world to me and put a lock of that bridge ! yes i realize this sounds super cringey but it is something i actually really want to do because it just seem romantic and we should all know by now that im quite the romantic type!

4) go to California and climb up to the Hollywood sign at night
Now i know this is probably illigal but so is downloading music of a dogey website online for free. so I mean what could be the harm in doing this before i die!

5)  go skydiving, yes that just seems awesome i mean yes i'd probably crap myself or freak out about falling out a plane being held by nothing but material! but i mean that would be such an amazing eye opener

6)  right i want to put two in one because these two would probably be the death of f me, Bungee jump and swim with sharks ! and that's all i have to say on that one apart from well if these two are the death of me well at least i put them last right? 

okay so there just a few things i want to do before i die ! not at lot but id probably think of more as soon as i press the publish button! well over and out fellow lovers and readers ! <3

#tweetliketheoppositegender ( LETS HERE EACH OTHER OUT YEAH)

Right ok, so there has been a hashtag going around that say's  and yeah trust me i've been reading them and i don't think there all that fair to be honest. I mean lets admit it Guys can be arseholes but so can girls this is why I as a girl wanted to say things that yes both boys and girls do say, and im doing that because i don't really have a problem with the whole male species! Yes some can be complete tossers but not all off them so yes, Lets here them out!Okay so firstly, When a guy says :

"I'm not like other boys,I'm not going to hurt you" : Yes sometimes there are guys out there who generally mean it and girls we really should listen to them i mean me included but then there are also guys who say it who what stick around to get what they want and then go...

Second thing that guys say : not all guys are the same. We have feelings too and we get hurt just as much as girls do, Right yes we know you get hurt in fact any one who probably just been cheated on or left unannounced would be hurt! Yeah we get that and this is for both boys and girls but like, WE ALL HAVE FEELINGS so for the boys out there who think you can play any girl dont because we girls dont deserve it and girls once a decent guy is into you or you are seeing eachother don't start playing him off with the local badboy i mean it never end well.....

Last thing thing then that really bugs me about guys is the phrase "my girl"; Don't call us your girl if you don't mean it or have 10 other girls at the same time who you are also giving that name to! I know i'm probably sounding really mean here, but us girls do really get attatched by little things like that or when you touch are hair and it does hurt us when we know you don't mean any off it! me included like i hate all the cute nicknames or the stay up late talks or the promises if you're just not going to stick by them! because trust me we do find out in the end i think then this is where this tweet comes in "babe I promise, you're the only girl I talk to"

Okay now lets move onto girls yes us girls do know how to wind lads up, if it with the odd comment or the beg call for attention we know how to do it ! and girls i'm not slagging you off i'm just simply talking about us and how we could well maybe be a tad sensitive towards lads.

"I only like hanging out with guys because it's less drama." OKAY LADS AND OTHER GIRLS ! when a girl says this she doesn't mean it in a sort of i hang out with guys because i'm a slut she simply means guys our less drama! and we all know that don't get me wrong i personally love my girl mates but i'd only say that cos secretly we all act like lads when we're together! anyway back to this comment! Yea guys are less stressful i mean you fight you make up you don't bitch and the majority of guys can actually have a decent convo without mentioning "sex" or " fancy coming round mine for a shag i'll drop you home after " err NO GUYS ! if you don't treat a girl with respect then don't expect them to give you the same back. however bit off subject but yeah girls can have guy friends so " to future guys out there don't be jealous of them. IT'S SO NOT COOL"

 "im ugly" LADS LISTEN UP RIGHT ! when girls say this yeah some do beg for attention I mean the Flawless, i'm to good girl's do! But not all girls some actually do have self esteem issues and yes us ladies should listen to your comments and should be like "awe thanks" but sometimes it is hard to believe however this doesn't mean you have to get fustrated with us! it's not our faults we are like that some of us are even to kind and oblivious to the fact a male could even find us hot i mean especially if girls have been hurt to much in the pass its just not fair ! give us a break! we do believe you we're just scared to ADMIT it me included.

And my last little rant   wearing cute underwear makes me hate myself a little less

ha! okay ladies, lets put it this way your not a lady if your always on your knees end off. Sorry have to be said guys don't need to know that wearing hot underwear makes you hate yourself less ! Yes underwear that is hot does make you feel good but there a difference between wearing it to make you feel good and wearing it just for them to end up on some lads floor! Get with it girl!!!! Guys won't want to date a girl who is concidered the local bike, and men won't want to marry a woman thats had more sex with different men then he'd probably have dinners made by her! and thats the same for you lads to i mean if you want to be a player by all means go and do it who are we to stop you " HAVE FUN" but don't be a player if you like some one else infact dont do it at all, it just ends up bad on both off you!

and i know i said that be my last little rant paragraph and it is but lastly and i mean lastly its just dont lie to the person you like or love! trust me i've been there and it was one off the worst mistakes of my life this means guys if you have a girlfriend but like someone else then break up with her! no point leading someone on and girls you too, i mean it horrible to think that someone can care for you and you just throw back in their face also its a bit childish and if you want to be in a serious relationship then just be open and honest !

well there you have it my rant im sorry its long but i hope you picked up from it and enjoyed it
Lots of Love

Friday, May 24, 2013

Things you really shouldn't give a shit about and i shouldn't either!

Right so we all think that life would be easier if we were all just nice, but this is earth and well earth isn't nice.
okay so what shall i say you shouldn't care about readers, well I don't think you should care about...

#"the is she better then me syndrome"

- firstly then we all facebook stalk, we'd be lying if we said we didn't  I mean what girl doesn't check out other people and think "why is she better then me?" with her flawless skin and her perfect attitude, But STOP!!! honestly guys its not getting you anywhere only to the next bar of chocolate or the next vodka and coke. I mean lets think about it we're all perfect one way or another and that's what makes us unique! example my two best girl mates are gorgeous and i'm not saying that because they are my friends but because when we go out they would always be noticed whether it is because of their bleach blonde hair or their ability to make anyone melt at their smile, but that's cool because instead of having that "urgh why are they better then me" syndrome i simply just turn around and think " YEAH BUDDY THEY'RE MY BESTFRIEND'S", and that feeling is greater then anything so just smile guys i mean you're all beautiful and you are all so perfect.

# rumors

Rumors, who needs them honestly guys if any one ever starts a rumor about you just laugh it off, you were obviously on their mind for them to start it in the first place ( and what does that mean hey?) that they are jealous or that they have no life off their own so they think your is so good that they need to be apart of it. but hell no THROW THEM OUT! who needs them? they're nothing, well nothing without your life so they can spread shit, and the best ones of these types are people are the ones who are months behind the gossip the ones, where they use news from like years ago to throw in your face .... errr NO WALK ON YOU TOSSERS! literally don't even give them they time of the day because they just really aren't worth it any of it.

# the stares the stress the being scared off who you are?

okay ill make this short and snappy but guys be unique literally no one should be able to make you scared no one should be able to make you stress and no one has the RIGHT to tell you who and who you cant be i mean you are you! if you want to go out in an over baggy tee and boots then do it no one has the right to make you feel like you should be with them and be a stero type walking robot.
i mean who wants a robot who wants all girls and boys to be the same 
no one likes to share so why share, one thing to be it just doesn't make sense does it no?

well anyway guys they were my three point on why you shouldn't give a shit id write more but i really need to step up on my blogs and vlogs so hey yeah check them out and thanks for reading
i love you all
<3 mwaaah