Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

So as you can see I am with the lovely Sarah Adde http://silkandkiss.blogspot.co.uk/
and its Halloween so what better then to upload a youtube video 
and take some snaps....

Much Love


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Special Preview

Hey qt's so I thought I'd write a lovely Halloween special because well its Autumn It's Halloween and quite frankly I haven't wrote a blog in ages. Bad dead Human.

So have a look through I don't intend to look this bad every year, But I thought I may as well get involved in Halloween seeing as I'm growing up and growing out of it, actually if I drag you down memory lane.  Halloween was always a massive thing in my family I think it was because I had like a handful of cousins who always love to be little terrors and scare people, Oh and because in London I use to get money and not sweets. Shame people don't do that now.

any way here is just a preview of my Halloween special
so stay tuned.

Much Love

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dont tell me your sorry.

All I want is to hide away.

Has anyone else ever felt this way that they want to hide away.
My daily rant, well lets be honest I haven't done one of these in a while and do you want to know why, its because I think I've just been boiling up all my problems until I explode which I have done this week if I am honest so lets see where should I begin.
 oh yes with this silly word called sorry.

Now people say sorry 24/7 ¬ I'm sorry I didn't do my course work or I'm sorry I didn't go shopping with you or I'm sorry I've been a dick. Well guess what people  "Sorry is just a word" and if you text me or message me it any more I will not believe you because where is the action in all of this, I'm so sick and tired of the word sorry because Your not really sorry are you? No one is sorry that they didn't do there work they simply forgot no one is sorry that they didn't go shopping because it was horrible weather and they would rather stay indoors and no one is sorry that they just stopped speaking to you just like that. As if you was nothing, and yes you can say Sorry all year long. But your not sorry because lets face it if you was sorry you'd of said it right away not a month or a couple of days after. Yes?

An autumn Look

Hey Qt's so as you know Autumn Is my favorite season, and what I love more then lattes in a coffee shop is playing in the leaves, however I need to go to London to do that and I haven't been, sad times.
However what I have been able to do is stay at home meaning I have a new Make up tutorial for you its just a short sweet one but I'm sure you can use it one time or another.

Firstly here are the products that I have used for my make up tutorial as I go on , I will explain the products some you know and some are new. so here we go.

1) so here it is the famous foundation which I use in near enough every tutorial that I have done however, Sad news fellow readers it is running out which means I need to take a trip to the 
here is the link in case you are interested in the foundation anyway it is Bobbie Brown and it is Warm Beige 3.5 spf 15 even though spf isn't needed no more as it not summer I still use it because my skin tans quite easily (Problems of a teenager girl). Also you will notice that this time I am not using a brush but a sponge this is because I recently got my make up done and they told me to user a sponge as it gives me a more equal layout but also soft on my skin, If I am honest I do not notice the difference but I would say, Buy a brush then sponges as it cheaper in the long run.

2) The eyes.
Righty hoe, campers my eye shadows that I have used today I don't think I've ever talked about so here we are first is the Benefit, Smokin eyes"sexy eye and brow makeover kit" and this contains basically everything you need for a smoky eye look it even contains tweezers do you know how essential this is when your away ! It is a must have so I'm going to link you  below. Anyway so yes I used this along with my latest edition to eye shadow which is Bobbie Brown Moss is number 7.  
1) Used the moss
2) used the black eye shadow from Benefit
I then mixed them and blended them together with my blending brush which is actually from hm for £1.99 bargin, i then used the pinky white just to go below my brown to give my eye a more define look and if you think Im just nattering on about this I took a photo of my eye to prove it.
woah evidence.

now as you can see on my eye second photo I have already got my eye liner on this is because I used my eye liner from L'OrĂ©al Super Liner Blackbuster which I stumbled across in boots and since then this and me well we have been bestfriends. (RECOMENDED FOR THE WING EFFECT)

now lastly as always we know what my signif symbol is and if you dont well go through my blogs and you will find out , It is the typical red lippy now today I have two one is the standard barry M lippy which I brought recently and the second one is a red lip shine which my friend gave me and I havent yet asked where from but yes
 here is my autumn make up look for you and I hope you have enjoyed reading it

Much Love
p.s nearly forgot the link but here it is: http://www.benafit.com/

End Finish