Saturday, July 19, 2014

Things to do when your sad because who on earth is always HAPPY

So I have tried to think when is the perfect time for me to blog, as you can see I don't really keep to a plan or a certain day, but also I need to fit it around work so when is the perfect time for me to blog? This is why for the duration of my 1hr and 1min journey I have decided to dedicate it to you deciding on what to write for you lovely people.

This is why as the skies changed from blue to grey I am sit here talking to you about thoughts deep thoughts not thoughts on make up or happy blog's but just thoughts and today I thought I'd do a blog on what to do when you are sad. Because lets face it we cant always be happy as much as we try to put that smile on our face we simply cant always be happy there is always going to be some cloud to ruin our happiness. but we just have to say FUCK YOU cloud. Or go away cloud for those of you reading this who don't like swearing and here is my ways of helping you through this cloud to a place of rainbows and blue skies.

Firstly then I don't know about you but when I am sad the first thing I do is put on a big baggy tee or jumper, prefer my nans or my boyfriends, The next thing I do is I grab a cuppa! ( Your just my cuppa!) oh god I am such a cringe but yes tea always helps but seeing as I am trying to be healthy in my case it is water at the moment and yes I can hear you guys screaming (Wa-ter you doing)! but yes I need to lose weight so here I am drinking water trying to be healthy. However when I do have a tea it has to be two sugars and through a straw thats the way it has to be done guys none of this no straw crap. 
After all of this I tend to normal be depressing and flick through old photos on my phone or I even tend to tidy up I believe a clean tidy room is a clean tidy mind, which could be great for you who are all over thinking. So here you can just see that I have tidy up my desk area and my make up now If your thinking eww Emma your room so bare yes it is but I am waiting for pay day so that I can go and decorate my room and make it all girly and pretty so I can youtube and do pretty blog's in it!

I also find it really relaxing to take nice long walks now I don't normally tend to walk around as I am always tired from work but I do enjoy my morning walk from the house to the station through the park so much that I always stop to take photos! Now when I was home home not like London home but House where my parents still live in by the seaside ( Could I make this any more complicated). Okay lets re word this basically in the past whenever I was sad I liked to go through my old pokemon cards ! Yes I said it you heard it here first I had pokemon cards but then again what 90's or before kid didn't have pokemon cards. It's a weird thing to do but these cards actually once belonged to my cousin who passed away so these was actually a big deal to me as a child and teen and still are today! EVERYONE KNOWS POKEMON CARDS ARE A BIG DEAL.

Another thing I do when I am sad is I always try and look at the bigger picture. by this I mean think of my favorite things Like what if Vampire diaries was actually real or How are the Northern lights so beautiful or just little things like I wonder what the world looks like from other planets! It sounds so weird but I do find it odd that we are literally all on a floating pee with water. Whilst doing all of this I do tend to be laying on a blanket or a few blankets So I will either cry or just sleep I always find sleeping helping when I am in a down mood ? what about you ?
 And lastly you know what's a really good thing when your down a good CRY! just let it all out paint your sadness with your tears, no one is judging hug someone and hold them tight if needs be just cry because sometimes its the only way your body can deal with it.

But most importantly my beautiful people,No matter how much you are hurting, How much pain your in, how you feel like your life is over and how you feel like you are no one, I want you to know something you are someone you are someone to me, someone to your family someone to your friends and yes you may be having a bad day we all do but its a bad day the rain will come and the storm with fade but tomorrow is still another day so you take that day and you make it your day! You chase your dreams you stand up to your fears as my dear dad would say! " Emma I will throw you to the wolves. Because I know you will come back leading the pack!" Now I never got that but now I do and I think its amazing its all about taking the day head on your all beautiful unstoppable people so make it shine because I believe in you so if you want a sad day have a sad day we all do I mean I do but its just a sad day not a sad life, Because life's what you make it and I think all you beautiful people should go and follow your dreams and make life how you want it to be
we all have free will
 so yes here I am coming to an end of my blog just promise me if your sad be sad but don't be down forever because whilst your sad who is going to fall in love or help that pretty smile of yours 

Night all you beautiful people
Em x


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Forever 21 
So recently I went shopping and I ended up buying these two beautiful skirts and they look expensive but they are not they are actually £4.50 how beautiful is that so not only are they two colours that I have been in love with for prices like that I couldn't help but buy two.However guys the reason why I put this on line is I'm useless as what to wear it with so any idea? 


Right on to the actual blog Happy fresh Friday guys.
Yes I have dedicated today as fresh Fridays and reason is because the majority of you would off been at school or college lets admit it girls our faces have problem taken a beating from fatty foods and make up brushes. This is why I have now created fresh Fridays and basically every Friday I shall do a post on how you can take care of your face and just what I do because I work in such a tense area that how you look is quite personally that is why when I have a day of or just before bed I make sure that all my make up is of and that I have done the 3 keys. Eye cleanser, Toner and Milk cleanser. And yes off course guys I did buy these products in super drug So I shall just write you a list of what I use but off course this is me and I love giving you little snaps so I have took some photos of me and the products and just my own little routine
Firstly then I used the boots essentials cleansing wipe and with this I just softly went over my face removing any excess make up. I then Moved on to the Loreal  gentle make up remover eye and how I got this of was by using a soft cotton pad and I just placed it on top of my closed lid for a while and then gentle swiped it one way! I would not recommend going back and forward because I got told that can cause wrinkles and well no one wants wrinkles. I then moved on to my toner and this is yet again by the beautiful brand Loreal and it is called the Skin perfection velvety soft toner not only does it get rid of impurities but it also makes the skin feel silky smooth which is always a must in my books. and how I applied this was yet again by a fresh cotton pad. and then lastly I used the Loreal  Skin perfection cleansing and perfecting milk now I wasn't' to keen on this product when I first heard about it but since using it I can tell the difference my face not only feels soft it also feels really hydrated and if you are like me and like things matching then these 3 are a great buy and there are normally some sort of deal on them so that's good to otherwise you may think it might be a bit to much. 
and now lastly going back to the first photo there is a cream in a tub and this is the Nivea soft  refreshing moisturising cream now this has been a family favourite for years I can actually remember my mum putting it on my face everyday before primary school and the smell of it is a mix of childhood and summer holidays to Spain! (WEIRD combo I know). Anyway yes this pretty much sums up my fresh Friday face for you and I know I have post this at 22:00 on a Thursday but if I am honest I am at work all of Friday and therefore wont be able to POST this so Happy Friday everyone!

Links to where all the products can be found:

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Cleansing  Perfecting Milk 200ml

- http://www.superdrug.com/Skin/Face/Cleansers-%26-Scrubs/L%27Oreal-Skin-Perfection-Cleansing-%26-Perfecting-Milk-200ml/p/868083#.U8gru_ldWeU

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Velvety-Soft Toner 200ml


L'Oreal Absolute Eye & Lip Make Up Remover 125ml



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little Party Never killed nobody

"1 2 3, 123 123 drink, throw them back till I lose count"

So the song actually doesn't have anything to do with the mini party post however I do think it is such a beautiful song so off course I want you guys to listen to it and to enjoy it as much as I do because its such a good song! and you will be missing out if you don't. Anyway moving on the post that I will be doing is just a little blog about my boyfriends brother and girlfriends engagement party which was such a special beautiful event. Firstly it was a garden party and well we all know how I love cute and cringey stuff so this was perfect for me. Anyway I don't want to rumble on to much as I want to show you some really cute photos and just want to express how much fun

Firstly then when we was getting ready my boyfriend thought it would be a great idea to lay on me and pretty much fall asleep! It's quite upsetting really because I know how he feels as we both work such long hours and do so many days a week we are always really tired but its great we are at that stage in the relationship where it doesn't matter if I don't wear make up and it doesn't matter if he falls asleep on me because we are very comfortable with one another and that's all that counts in a relationship? Am I right? 

                                          Finally we had got ready and was on our way to go out! A quick outfit of the day! The gorgeous one I am next to is wearing a jumper from topman which my mum had brought him for his birthday, and I am wearing a dress from HM sunglasses from raybans and a white cardigan which is his mums not mine but I am guessing marks and sparks (Spencers).

on route,for once he wasn't driving which meant I got to hold his hand in the car. (such a cringe).

As it was quite a personal event I don't want to post many photos up but THIS is my favourite photo of all times of me and the boyfriend in the garden and yes that is a drink in my hand! I just want to say then that  The night was so magical and it was so warm hearted and everyone there clearly came  cared for the bride and groom which made it even more special! and I would just like to say Congratulations to them both

( Me and the boyfriend After one to many
however he still looks as gorgeous as ever
how lucky am I.)

A trip back home! (SARAH AND EMILY EDITION)

 Random update:
 I have got a new phone yes finally I know I have moaned about phones throughout blogs but I have finally got one which has got the best lens possible and if you don't know what one I am talking about it's the iphone 5c in Green! (Which is beautiful).
Any how since I got the phone I haven't been able to put it down and the reason why is simply because of the photo's it produces.

Hello guys!  So this weekend well Monday and Tuesday I got to go back home to see the loved ones and I had such a beautiful time the sun was shinning like a massive big yellow ball of fire and the sea was cold not to cold but cold enough to say the least and it really did feel like summer. Although I do love my job and London it was nice just to be able to go to the beach and listen to the waves crash against one another and just relax. Oh god I am sounding like an old woman! I promise I am still 18 not 80 although at times I do feel a lot lot older. Anyway Emma stop rambling just get on with it, so as you have already read I kind of went on a bit about my camera and why is that well now I can show you why that is.
 so here is a Little photo of me that my lovely beautiful fellow blogger and friend Sarah Adde took of me coming out the sea! Firstly I just want to mention that I had such fun and the reason I actually was pulling the face was because a big wave crept up behind me that was not fun. 

Here she is the lovely Sarah Adde, So yes on Monday I got to spend the day with her firstly we went shopping as every girl does. However this wasn't any shopping this was shopping for the boyfriend because he's been recently really stressed so I wanted to treat him and hopefully he won't read this because I do want to add what I brought (1 DIRECTION NIALL SOCKS). Anyway These two photos are me and Sarah by Eastbourne beach enjoying the sun shine and trying to make our lovely lunch go down which by the way we had in Cosmo. So good and if you've never been there I think you should, 
So yeah that's what me and Sarah did on our day out together! And I just want to give her a quick shout out because she is my best friend and I do miss her an awful lot and I want her to know that I had such a perfect day with her. And although I live in the big city of tall buildings and red buses she will always be my best friend and chummy because she knows way to much|!


Moving on then After me and Sarah had gone our separate ways on two different buses, I got greeted by my one and only! LITTLE MISS FIELD! and if anyone actually watches my you tube videos you will know that Miss field or Emily as she is known to others is in the majority of my videos but is also like a sister to me that why it was so important that I got to spend the evening with her! so what did we do well if you know me and Em you will know that we do the most weirdest things! and normally we would do make overs but seeing as my face is covered in make up four days a week. I thought we could do a spa night! So we got out the music! Okay so it wasn't soulful music but it was still a banging tune and then we put on face mask! which our from super-drug and then we spent the whole evening talking to my mum about everything under the sun from Boyfriends to Babies and to me living up here! and Emily saying I needed to put weight on to my mum saying I needed to lose it! anyway here are a few snaps of the one and only!

Football tee's and Facemask!

Saying goodbye!

So saying bye is always the worse bit of leaving my family and friends however I took them out for a nice lunch before getting a taxi to go back to the station to come home to London!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lets chat Makeup

Hey guys so I haven't wrote in ages but I have good excuses firstly I have got a new job and that is working at LGW (GATWICK AIRPORT). and I have moved up to London as well so it has been all full on and a bit hectic and I haven't had time to breathe let alone write a blog, But know that college is finished I have decided I will make more of an effort and I know I always say that but I am going  to I promise and if I don't well then you guys are just going to have to think of a forfeit for me. So back to this blog this one is just going to be me telling you about my make up look for work, and I will talk about the products as well. (Oh and I may even talk about doing a room haul and maybe a house haul what do you think?).

So number one : (Yes I put numbers on them for you because I am just that nice).
Miss Sporty BB cream.£3.99. Firstly then I would just like to tell you I have never used a Miss sporty Makeup product but because I was so desperate for BB cream I decided to pick this little beauty up and You know what I couldn't love a product more, Basically then I just give a little squirt on my hand and then I rub it all over my face making sure it is all even and has an even finish.,plus girlies  not only does it cover your skin very well, and evens out the colour. You don't even need that much so it lasts a long time. This product also smells nice, and it makes me feel much better. Plus it's a good compromise from a foundation

number 2: 
Enlarge image

Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer Beige 309 : price £7.99 this concealer is actually beautiful I don't think I've ever had one that has done the job so well not only does it cover and conceal it also leaves my under eyes glowing which is perfect as I do a lot of  early and late's at work meaning I have more bags then a shopaholic. So with this product then I literally just dab it on my under eyes then using a USB brush in number 21 I blend it into my skin making sure it is all even.

Number 3; eyeshadow. the eye shadow is a number 7 now I actually don't know what make this is as "Santa" gave it to me in my stocking but  I do love this product and the eye shadows. ( ITS GOT A W7 on it so if any one does know what this product is please leave a comment down below)

Number 4 : Benefit Smokin Kit £28.50
it contains:
eye bright
3 smokin' eyeshadows:
pink highlight shadow 1.10g Net wt. 0.04 oz.
pewter base shadow 1.10g Net wt. 0.04 oz.
deep charcoal shadow 0.90g Net wt. 0.03 oz.
smokin' liner 0.39g Net wt. 0.01 oz.
brow zings shaping wax 1.00g Net wt. 0.04 oz.
fluff shadow/hard angle brush
tiny tweezers for discreet touch-ups
a lesson to talk you through each step!

when doing my eyebrows then I start of with middle finger, dab pink eye 
bright on the inner corner of eye
& pat to blend. Then I  dab & blend 
upward from the outer corner of  
eye to brow.
Dip the hard angle brush into  the 
pigmented wax. With 
smooth, angled strokes shape &  
define brows

 Number 5: 

Max Factor Creme Puff Golden 75

This powder well what can I say other then it gives you  a perfectly even finish  and instantly radiant skin I think it personally gives me a Medium to High coverage and has to be one of the best  powder make-up around at the moment what  with a flawless matte finish. £5.99

Number 6:

Max Factor Kohl Eye Liner Pencil Black 20

just basically apply this to your , under the eyeshadow for a professional look or on waterline for that definition on the eyes

Number 7 : bobbie brown lip color shimmer in beige gold shimmer £19.50

Friday, February 21, 2014

My weekend with the boyfriend.

So I haven't spoke in a while how are you all?  from my title you should know that this is about being a positive. and well I thought on this bright sunny afternoon I would do just that because if you haven't been to England recently or haven't looked out the window England has been very wet and not in a good way. Wait that sounds weird I mean good wet like water fight or swimming in the sea.  I mean recently people could even go swimming down there street, anyway enough about the weather I sound like I am on a awkward first date.

So where Have I been recently to be so happy, well I have been all over the place but last week I took a lovely trip up to London to see my lovely boyfriend and all though I do want to keep mine and his love life a private one I cant help but share with you lovely readers all about it.
 Firstly then  I learnt to Ice skate. Now that is pretty awesome as I have always wanted to be able to ice skate I will be honest when I first went on the ice I was awful I constantly held on to the sides but my boyfriend seemed to be at one with the ice and he liked to wizz around which would make anyone dizzy but eventually he held my hand and we went round the ice rink together it was one of them titanic moments when Rose say " I wont let go" but then she does but in this case my boyfriend didn't let go so its all good in fact I felt more safe holding his hand then on my own two feet but eventually like every beginner I grew more confident and I got to skate around on my own. So yes I would totally recommend ice skatting to do with your partner its very sweet and its a good way off making sure they hold your hand to, along with hug and kiss you. Gee thinking back that ice skatting sesh could of been a video.
 after that we spent rest of the day chilling which was lovely as he  works really hard so we never really get time just to relax and be happy so I really enjoyed that and dinner with his parents who are practically my second family was lovely to. The next day was valentines and I got up super early we exchanged presents and he brought me the most gorgeous earrings and bracelet it was such a " OMG SPOILT MOMENT".  skipping past the rest of the morning we settled for a maccy d's breakfast and then we went of to the center of  London to go and have a look round the museums with his brother and his fiancee after that we went to dine at planet hollywood has anyone been omg its like the best place in the world I will try and find a link description and link it in off course for you lot to see it  was amazing and I had the biggest and most yummiest steak in the world. And finally after all that me and my fella decided to go late night bowling now if you know me I cant bowl. me and bowling aren't friends but I managed to get a really good score and my boyfriend did one of them yayaya proud boyfriend moments to be honest It couldn't be a better way to end my time with him.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Favourites

Hey guys we haven't spoken for a while and yes that is all my fault. BUT guess what GUESS WHO BACK BACK AGAIN. Okay I will stop with the sing song. So in this blog I've been thinking what should I say to you lot and then brave wave hit me well its February now so that means January has been and gone which means not only is it two months till my 18th but I can do a blog on January Favorites.


So I am going to start with HAIR.  and this month I have been loving two simple but affordable and lovely products which are  DUN DUN DUN.....

1) Toni&Guy; Casual SALT SPRAY! now I know that I live by the beach and I swim in the sea come summer time however I love salt spray and this is one of my favorite ones It's great when you want to add some beach waves to your hair in fact me and my partner swear by the stuff. oh and lastly its so small and cute its perfect hand bag size which is what I have started to look for now. 

2) VO5 ultimate hold hairspray lalala. Any one who is in the cabin crew or travel and tourism sector knows that hairspray is your best friend and I was lucky enough to have this given as a Christmas present by one of  my best friends. I highly recommend this as it last forever in your hair and gives not only a great hold but a touch of shine.

  Facial and Perfume

 okay there is one of each on these products and that is, The  Nivea daily essential DOUBLE EFFECT EYE MAKE UP REMOVER. So I am not really one to cleanse and tone everyday but I want to make a start so I decided to invest in this and its actually amazing its an oil base which I wasn't to keen on but the results are amazing and my eyes have never felt so fresh if thats how I can describe this feeling
Okay second is the perfume now for Christmas I got a few perfumes. ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO TELL ME I SMELL. However out of the billion I got there was one that I had been wanting for ages 
and that is the  Loverdose Tattoo. It smells of heaven however it only came in a small bottle so I have been treasuring it and only using it for when I got out to places such as London to see my boyfriend and his family for when I stay to going and staying in Brighton or just for nights out it's so cute and small.

Make Up
 Now make up I don't really wear a lot of make up anymore, but I do have a few favourites of this month and they are the 10 out of 10 eyeshadow of brown and nude colors. which is  actually one of the best thing I have ever put on my face I don't actually know what the brand is because I was given it as a gift but It is one of the best gifts I have got.
Lipstick , Now we all know you know its mine if its got red lipstick on but hey. not anymore in fact I have actually gone for a nude peach lipstick now which is actually a really warm color against my skin making me feel or rosey and yet again this is one of my favorite lipsticks.