Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Birthday Makover tutorial.

Hey Qt's 
. It's Sunday and we all know Sunday is the day I blog, So here it is. I was going to do a wintry ( Is that even a word) Make up look but its quite sunny today and the air is crisp. So I decided to do a light makeover plus it's my aunties birthday so we are all going out to the pub or something. So I've done a basic look.

Okay let's begin this make up look So off course the first image is just showing you every face product that I am going  to use within this blog
 After washing your face then and putting whatever products you may use in the bath room (Simple) is the one for me. I then applied, yes you know it the famous "Bobbie brown- Hydrating gel cream" This is actually a must now that the wind is picking up because my skin tend to get dry more quickly.
I then used Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, in the shade 021 Nude. I don't tend to normally use mousses as they seem to make my spots a 100000 times more noticeable, But I have actually ran out of all my Liquid foundations. (Sad times guys) However if you are interested in buying this foundation you can click on the link below or go to any drug store.
Now see, how simple my makeup is I told you it would be light didn't I now we have moved on to my Denim&Rose Palette. This is from Bobbie brown so a high branded palette however I am sure that you can buy the majority of what I used in the local Drugstores or online.
firstly then what did I start with? Oh I remember it was my eyes now for my eyes, I decided not to go full on smokey so I just used. "Grey Denim" Eye shadow for the base, and then just on the top of that I applied, "Dark Rinse" Shimmer wash just to go as a wash on top. which gave it the dark effect.
and now for the Lips:
Still on Bobbie brown I used, Indie rose for my lips using a lip pen to go around my lips face to give more definition, before filling my lips in with cool rose.
Oh yeah, and before I forget I added in wings to my eyes, by the MUA eyeliner (Liquid) and the Loreal eyeliner!

And here we have it my lovely ended finish look!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Want a Winter Pamper... Well here's how to do it?

Hey Qt's 

So as you can tell from the title, I called this the winter Pamp and why because, the weather is horrible outside, and what's better then having a candle lit bath with bubbles and then a nice relaxation time before dolling yourself up for the winter look.
Firstly then I decided to light some tea lights because I have an obsession with candles but also they're so cute when it comes to winter months. and the scent of them is .. Raspberry and Pomegranate . Which just gives you that sweet warm smell. I normally would have an Apple and Cinnamon one orange one at this time of month but I haven't been shopping.Yes I said it I go candle shopping.....
Candles (Primark £1.50)

The next product I then have is the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo
And If I am honest I am in Love with specially near this sort of time when my hair just seems a tad more dry then normal. Also I may just be a tad in Love with the little quotes it does on the bottle." On the front it says, ‘Let me soak it to you’. On the back, Repeat after me: I’m so quenched. It’s time to take every strand off dry land. Replenish your pretty, parched head with my formula fused with essential moisturizers and orchid & coconut milk. It leaves hair silky and supple. Want more moisture where I come from? Seek my happily hydrated conditioner.’"

The Next lovely product then, which is hard to read has to be my all time bubble bath by Royale Bouquet "Baylis&Harding and its called Pink Peony

and both of these products I am sure you can find from any drugstore. However I always go to Superdrug for mine.

Now I am on to the creams, As you all know these  are my favorite creams. but I am just going to mention the ones I have used today for the winter prep so Firstly there was The Garnier Body summer kissed one. which we all know is to tan or make you skin just a tad glowy, As I am going on holiday in two week time I decided to use this just to get my skin prepped.And then they're is the Bobbie Brown Face cream which Hydrates your skin which is brilliant for the bad month weathers. So I shall leave a link below for all of them as well.

So there you have it part one of my winter prep, I hope you have enjoyed it as
I shall be putting a makeup blog up tomorrow Along with outfit of the day. Which I have never done before so this is all new.

Much Love
(Body wash)

(Tanning cream)

(Facial Cream)

Sneaky Preview 90's Kid

Hey QT'S
So it's a Saturday and I have nothing better to do then well do a throw back I know it's not Thursday so this shouldn't really be acceptable.But hey we all love having a blast from the past.
famous words here would be "Do You Remember When....."

So there I am up the top, if you haven't noticed I am a Nineties Kid. Which for some people would be like hey your so overrated. But erm.... "I have love for you if you were born in the 90's the 90's" Not the right words but who are we to judge. 

Therefore I think that today I could do a little insight, Of what it was like being a 90'S kid.I do have a Scrap book in fact but I hardly ever use it , this is why I think I might start writing it on here. Even though I may bore you all to death?So may need to think again...

Now here is only just a few things, That I enjoyed as a young one obviously we all know that  the game boy was the one and what little girl wouldn't like barbies.
Now I do want to finish this but the rest will be coming up in my scrap book
 via the next month or so...
 so I guess this is your sneaky peak