Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have a New CRAZE.

Good afternoon my lovely people, it's a really nice day and I'm in a jolly mood so I want to share with you a few little things, if you don't mind firstly today was the first day where I've been able to just sit down and sort out my YouTube homepage which means connecting links but also today I got to do a Tumbrl page which is what people have been trying to get me to do for ages, yes lovely people I finally made one and all the little links shall be below.

Right so summer, yes its finally looking like that today! However I cut myself shaving meaning I'm in some agony making it hard to really do much! however I am trying to help out in the garden, sorting out all the pretty little plants which I don't know the name of but, I've took photo's of them so if any of you know what they are called it could help. 

Ok so there are the flowers which i was talking about they actually are quite pretty. Even if I do have Hay-fever !

okay back to what I actually wanted to write about ! oh yes my Tumbrl! right so I wasn't normally one for Tumbrl but now I've started I just can't stop also, Seeing as I take my own photos as well I thought it would be a great way in which I can just share with you guys the photos i take.


I hope you enjoy it! I know I have when putting it together. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day Out in Corfe castle and Town

Hey Guys, So today i had a day out with the family and we decided to go to the lovely little town of corfe were in this town they offered us the castle, restaurants,pubs and little shops in which we spent our time going through and looking , oh and i forgot to mention we also went and saw a steam railways! However seeing as I am a travel and tourism student I thought it only be reasonable if I went here on a positive note that I'd come back with a few pictures and details on everything I did and saw in Corfe along with this I have also made a Vlog which will be on my YouTube account as soon as possible ( Things for all these will be provided, down below) Ok so the first pictures are the people I went with and that's my family! As I am growing up I've come to realize precious moments with the people you care about do actually count! and we shouldn't just shrug because our parents are old or the brother is annoying but we should embrace the times we have with them! so yes here is me and my mum and brother and dad all with grins on our face as we enjoyed "Family Day".
Firstly then, we went to the actual castle of Corfe, The castle is supported by the National trust meaning they are the people who look after it basically and all though it is a ruin, it also offers you one of the greatest views along with great photography opportunities so this is good for you lot who like me like to SNAP SNAP away.

After we had spent quite some time looking around the ruins off the castle we thought it was about time to hit the village and see what they had to offer, and may I just say it seemed the most cutest place to live ever ! because everyone just seemed to know everyone and seeing as I am sort of a city girl I thought this was quite cute, because it literally seemed like a scene of corrie however much nicer and much more friendly ! okay so one bad point which I kind of felt let down to was when we went into the museum! Now I'm not really one for museums but seeing as the town had surprised me so far I thought "what the heck ", however looking back it was a waste of time ! Oh by the way its free before you thought I wasted my money. 

Lunch time. OMG! that's all I can say this place is AMAZING! its so worth the money! it has a gift shop and a flower garden which contains games for kids etc basically a fun place for all the family ! along with a mini version of the town to. more would be explained on my vlog but yeah this place was stunning plus I had scones and that just topped it off!
lastly I wanted to put all these together because basically we went to see a steam railway along  with ending the day with a nice cold pint " Sound so classy" but yes. it was amazing  I forgot the name of the pub now but however the land lord was friendly enough and so was the people who worked on the steam railway! 
overall this is a place you should defo visit!