Saturday, March 30, 2013

random memories

random but that's me  

(ohh i really like this writing) 

hey there guys so i haven't been blogging in a while which is mad for me seeing as i always blog however i have been doing a lot of video's recently which i shall put on my youtube channel as soon as i find out how to make a movie maker ! yes i need help........

SO my lovely readers, how are you:?? ( wait you cant reply this is awkward)
It's the Easter break and its nearly my birthday well in a couple off weeks however Easter is always so busy for me as literally all my siblings are born in April ! you can obviously tell its my parents favorite month. 

Right lets get down to business ! so its nearly been a year since I've left secondary school, and I'm trying to think where has all the time gone, i mean what have i done in a whole year since leaving school?

Well lets see first there was prom! which was amazing and i loved it and then there was after prom.... Haha talk about getting mortal ! i cant really remember what happened only that i recreated my friendship with one of my old best friends that day and since then we've been as strong as ever (shout out to Miranda woo) and then there was spending time with family and going up to London to spend time with an ex ( WHO WAS A BOYFRIEND AT THE TIME ) that be odd if he was just an ex hahah !

oh wait and then there was results and reading fest! fjgfthidigtri  ( is how i would describe it|) GOD KNOWS I WANT TO GO THIS YEAR!

then after all off that there was joining college and meeting the mad people i know call my second family i mean all though we fight like cats and dogs literally i got scratches ( from somewhere) were still here for each other at the end of the day which is the most important thing i guess!
I do love them guys lots honestly is there was a southern version of geordie shore! it would be us
were all mad

Which  has brought me here today typing this blog to fill up the spaces that i have missed on blogging recently which is true it is quite random..

sorry for yet another random blog :) 
Love ya 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

how could an innocent walk turn into a kidnap.........

You know I've always wondered how my friends would react if i got kidnapped and today i found out.
So how did this happen  well i went with my friends to an appointment as you do because if I'm honest the dentist scares me so whilst there we started to have a little fight as normal because we are now passed the stage off being nice to one another.
After my appointment then i decided you know what i haven't had a Chinese in a while and i really wanted one so off i walked .......... ( like people do) to the Chinese which was very yummy and for £8.50 all you can eat who's to complain well other then my best friend who i dragged along for support in me munching on endless noddles and Chili Beef ..............

whilst there we discussed daily event and you know what???? people actually can own PEOPLE who ever knew that I'm pretty sure there is such things as Human rights but hey ho.......... may need to check this shit out later ...............

After a while of suffering from our Chinese we decided to leave the restaurant to walk around the town center buying things we didn't need to buy and seeing things we didn't really need to see, and that's when it happened she got me and put on a number 99 bus a 99 bus to Hastings i mean I'm all up for going on an adventure but to MY HOUSE THAT IS ...............

So as we traveled to the lovely town of Bexhill i couldn't help but moan i mean i got kidnapped against my will ( Haha that's not a pun ) but you know what i managed to escape and as i did i got off the bus and ran yes ran and not normal running a proper forest gump run. I mean the looks i got from the old people who live in Collington is SHOCKING .

finally i had managed to get to a train station where i thought finally i was safe and could go back home but oh no... my friend had the genius idea of buying a train ticket without looking at the train times and you know what the next train wasn't for another 40 mins I KNOW  that doesn't seem long but to a pissed of girl in a summer jacket in the rain IT IS (TRUST).
that's when me being me decided why don't we just walk to our destination i mean its not that far is it and oh boy yes it was far all up hills i mean i went to Bexhill for  5 YEARS and i only realized today its actually quite a big place...............

however the story goes i spent money i didn't need to i got kidnapped by my best friend and i got on my old school bus full of the school kids who actually are annoying little shits, well majority the others look like they been going to bible camp for to long
so here it is my little rant over
and out