Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Final NCS moments. #SayYes

 So yes I came to my end of the NCS with this lot and I can tell you I've had such a fun time, We've bonded ever so well, and they are literally like my second family to me!  And it is quite sad to see that we've now ended after a 5 week ! well actually 4 week course ! However as an annoying person once said "Never say Never" ! Because I do hope to stay in contact with every single on of them!so here are just a few little snaps of what we took today on our last day at Birling gap along with a picnic that we had which was going swell until WASP started to take over Seriously I mean what is with them bloody buzzing things! I prefer bumble bee's if I am totally Honest with you! 

Alrighty then so here it is
thankyou ever so much for such a great summer! 
Love Em 

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Hello QT'S! 

well finally I  now have time to blog and write about the NCS! So I have spent practically my whole summer with them and I've actually had the best time with them ever I mean I don't think I have been this happy in a long time. And this is all to do with the fact that one they are lovely people and 2 well they just know how to make every one feel good about themselves!Seriously there is no I in team when it comes to us lot! 
we are all pretty much hands on and always willing to help one another and I think that is why we are all so close because we know that we can trust each other and know that we will never let  one another day!

So here are a few snaps: 

so yes here are just a few snaps of such a perfect summer and Im sure going to miss them all 
when I finish ! :) 

much love 

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When I was a Youngster Tag

Hey there guys Im doing a tag a tag about well, I dont really know things of when I was a youngster and yeah so here it is #THELOSTGENERATIONTAG.

  1. Favourite Toy's? Loveable bears, Polly pocket, My little pony and something familys! 
  2. Favourite Advert's? I cant really remember any adverts.
  3. N'sync or Backstreet Boy's? I love them both but it has to be n'sync.
  4. Weirdest Fashion Trend? Hands down this was my dungereens! If that is how you spell it I love them and I sort of wished I still had a pair now.
  5. Favourite Collectable? Pokemon Cards.
  6. Favourite teddy? My favourite is a teddy called "johnny fart pants" Yes original actually to top it off he doesnt even have pants! But yes he was my favorite teddy and he is still in my bed.
  7. How Many Tamagotchi's Did You Go Through? Only one to be honest It was pink and I've never had a pet before so to me that was so precious however, When my pet died I  went into mourning and threw it away. 
  8. Favourite Game System and Game? GameCube and The sims or Rayman on the game boy which "Hands up I still actually pay in  my spare time". 
  9. Favourite thing to do? Was probably paint I mean I was a right little artist I had the board the Paints and everything. 
  10. Favourite Music Artist? Britney Spears.
  11. Favourite Nick Jr. Show? Blue's clue's or the Rugratz wait actually was that even a Nick Jr show. 
    1. Favourite  sweets/chocolate ?  Milkybars and Jelly tots or at christmas if I was lucky my mum brought me a wand and it had little sugar sweets in . 
  12. Favourite Game? Scrabble  or dream phone. 
  13. Favourite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy?Anything ACTUALLY no I really enjoyed it when I got them Owl toys I cant actually remember what they was called but yes or the soft toys "tm" or something like that. 
  14. Favourite Book? Mog the cat and The rainbow fish and Topsy and Tim 
  15. Favourite Clothing Store?  Mothercare, Gap and a few other places my mum was weird and never let me wear the same clothes more then 3 times so..... 
  16. What Would You Watch When You Got Home From School? tracey beaker or this programme about ghost and little kids and omg the dog and the lady show who used to fly a plane I think the dog was called Pip ¬ does anyone know what I am talking about????
  17. Favourite TV Show's? Heartbeat. 

My Saturday Make Up Tutorial.

 So guys I'm trying to makeup for all the time's that I haven't blogged and today I thought it be a good idea if I did a make up tutorial . So here it is

I first started fresh faced as always using " Facial Cleansing wipes Cucumber" from Superdrug the wipes included a 4 in 1 which is Cleanser, eye make up remover and toners along with a moisturiser! A must have if I am honest with you. Also for those with sensitive skin they are really friendly! 

Okay so here above are all the makeup products that I used during my tutorial along with telling you what I did and how I did it I am also going to talk through the Makeup and Probably leave a Link below of where they all come from so you can go and purchase them as well.

Firstly then, I used a Bobbie brown Hydrating Gel Cream 
 which is my Moisturiser base, I have used it in one of my tutorials before but if this is the first one you are reading basically the gel cream contains enhanced Mineral water and tropical grass Extracts. 

I then moved on to my first foundation yes I use a lot of foundations but that is only because my skin color has changed a lot during the summer and I haven't yet found the perfect foundation to use.

so 1) I used Concealer yet again it is from superdrug all though I am pretty sure you can buy it from other "Drug stores" and it's from collection 2000 and it is called the " Illuminating touch  and the shade is Natural 2"!

2) was then my Bobbie brown foundation in a Warm Beige  with an SPF of  15.
3) was the "Hello Flawless Foundation from benefit  in Honey this again has an SPF  of 25! what can I say I do like my SPF's haha.
4) Lastly to give me a matt finish I used a Collection 2000  Natural Matt foundation, in the color Blonde 2.
this contains UVA&UVB sunscreen! Great for the summer or if you are going away on holiday.


The Eye shadow then that I used was from Avon  and it was the Natural brown shades ! I would put the link up but I have had that for quite along time meaning I don't know if it would still be available in which to purchase however if it isn't MUA natural eye shadows pallet seems to work just as well. 

then next then was the eye liner and I actually recently brought a New one from L'oreal called the "Super liner blackbuster" and to be honest it is perfect it's great if you want a thick eyeliner for the top of your lid but it works perfect at the bottom as well !

I then for my water line used a series of "Bobbie brown Gel eyeliner" in Coblat ink  and MUA eyeliner Jetblack which again you can get from Superdrug as I don't think boots! do that brand.


The masscara the I used was two of them Firstly I used  Rimmel London Black waterproof mascara as It has a nice texture and a Nice brush ( Not plastic thank god) and then for more volume I used the new MUA mascara called "Extreme Volume Mascara"


The lips, Now as you all know I am in Love with red lippy my friend would say it's my signature sign I mean you only know its my drink or food if it has red lippy on it! and this is why I added it to my final makeup tutorial.
Its by Barry M and its just a red but it works really well along with the MUA one which I normally wear 24/7  however I decided too buy the Barry M one yesterday to try and give it ago and well it is perfect and long lasting so I totally recommend it to anyone.

And that is all folks so I hope you have a nice read etc... and then you can get shopping all links will be below Enjoy 


Friday, August 23, 2013

My First time

Hey there lovely people! Yes I haven't wrote in a while ( Slap on the wrist) but I have been busy doing NCS! where we just say yes! Pretty relevant to my last video. Ok so this blog is called " My first time " and before you think oh this is on about a "sex life" It really isn't....... so you young ones you can keep on reading.

so here it is My first time,
1) first word then lets start with something simple and easy my first word I think was actually "Daddy".
2) My First kiss: Well this is quite a cute one basically my first non serious kiss which was like a peck on the lips probably was when I was in year 6! However as sad as this sounds my First proper kiss was with my boyfriend who I was in a serious relationship with.
3) My First CD! This was amazing, My first CD ! was Dolly Parton, And I decided to invest in this CD when my parents moved from the city to the country! Yes I guess I kind of wanted to just fit in with the other ol' country folk.
4) My First concert well this one still gets me every time my first concert was when i was 4 and my dad treated me to see tweenies live! It was the best experience in my life ever so that I then got the Video which on rainy days I will put on for my niece (me more) and just watch it with her.
5) My First Festival was this time last year and it was reading! It was amazing and I would like to go to a few more next year however this all depends on my festival funds.
6) My First Fear ¬ My first fear well unlike other children my first fear was actually going to have bath time on my own! Because I always thought I might just drown so I can remember shouting every 2 seconds for my mum just so she knew I was still alive.
7) My First Job was working for my Dad however it didn't really go well as I ended up being fired yes by my own dad but that was only because I never got to the phone quick enough!

8) My First Date : My first date was a day out in Camden town and for dinner well lunch he treated me to a happy meal it sounds so bad now but honestly I'm so easy to please that I didn't mind in fact I then started dating the guy and we nearly was together 2 years !

9)  My First friend ! My first friend was probably a girl called Sabrina who is also my cousin I mean we spent all our time together as children and we never ever left each other alone which is cute because we are now as close as ever still which is brilliant because she practically is like my partner in crime Haha!

10) My First Holiday! As a child my parents use to travel the world a lot so in fact i have been to many different places however I think the tour to America when i was only a couple of months old was my first  ever holiday! So I don't actually remember much. But yeah so here is my First time for a lot off things I hope you have had fun reading it! and I hope to post a video up soon
keep smiling qt's!