Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Song book. Rocky Reggie and Memories

I  found my old song book, today and it brought back allot off memories. some good and some bad but when reading it i realized to myself, maybe i should of said "yes more" and maybe i shouldn't off bite my tongue because i  noticed all the songs revolved around how i felt and how i should just been more open.

so this is why I'm writing a post to say YES MORE. and to just tell people how it is, I'm kind of realizing that in fact I'm missing someone more then anything in the world. but if i just said yes or if i just told them straight they could of still been here.
which then brings me onto memories and the past, I know i always say what happened in your past should stay in your past but that doesn't mean object
this is why i brought out my guitar "rocky reggie" ! weird name yes. but it does have a meaning to it and at the time i was going to name it something dark.... as i was going through rock stage  in my life. but i settled for Rocky Reggie and since then his name hasn't changed.
So my poor old dusty guitar was brought back out today from the deep dark part of the cupboard and to be honest its looking the same , as it was when it was first given to me at the age of 6.

truth be told, I never really had time for guitar back in the day, as i was always into dancing and various other subjects. but now with my two free days off i think i may start it back up again, because you should never forget something that made you smile.  (not that im saying go into your attic, and get out your babies and action men at the age of 17 onwards but..... do something)

This is why now, me and rocky reggie have been playing well learning to play again, and so far its been a lot of fun. however this song book really does give an in take on my emotions.
so maybe that needs to change.

Anyway guys along with my song book etc. I also found a bucket list which i wrote last month and even though it does look pretty decent maybe a few things need to change like the title as i put " bucket list, ( why is it even called that) " but then an old friend (WHO I DO MISS KINDA)  told me, and all though it now seems so obvious at the time i didn't know! (DON'T JUDGE) 

okay I have just rambled on so maybe i should stop and maybe ill post a picture and a few home memories off rocky reggie the guitar and songs
but doubti I' that brave over and out guys
... xxxx

Monday, April 1, 2013


First of April

HIIII !!!!!!!!!!

or was that just me who thought it ! i really should stop speaking about him i could get arrested for this shit hahah !
okay so the first off April consisted on my best friend telling me she slept with my lad ! funny enough im single so i don't see how that worked ! FAIL
and then secondly, MY OTHER friend got me invited on a double date which was so cute seeing as ive never  been on one before but i rejected it FOOL  I KNOW ALSO IF YOU ARE READING THIS IM SORRY !

okay so this evening i ended up going on a drive with James and Caroline we went up to beachy head which is a cliff if you didn't know and we saw the sunset which picture are on my instagram and ill put it on my youtube at the end of the week
it was so pretty omgggggg

anyway im so sleepy i should go as tomo im getting a piercing omg scarry 

Its all about mike .............. :)

hey bloggers and readers and random people who just come across my blog spontaneously 

okay so today i saw one of the most beautiful and first sunsets of my life and it was perfect it is also a tick off my bucket list so yay me!

sorry if this has random bits in but I'm currently skyping mike WHO IS ALSO A BLOGGER ( LOOK AT ME WITH MY BLOGGER FRIENDS).

Haha okay so today I've done literally nothing apart from talk to mike and make funny face at him and my friends when we went on a drive oh yeah 
it was so pretty  and amazing and lovely! (broke the o key on the laptop ) 

Anyway back to my friend mike,  hes new yes i say it like i've  just brought him from a shop ( he comes with battery's) he is also is an amazing person he plays guitar and i know that's a random  fact but hes currently telling me about his strings on his guitar  which i have now named emma ! oh yeah i also named his car emma man I'm just on a role here he is also in love with me but he doesn't know it yet or he does but he thinks hes too cool to admit it

awwwee hes playing guitar down the phone literally what a cutie !
okay so mike or Michael as i call him is actually quite sweet and all though you may all be like why have you wrote a blog about a lad ..... HE DOES KNOW I'M WRITTING IT

and I'm writing it to express how meeting new people is just the best! it can be such a fun experience and getting to know new people is always so good this is actually why i started to youtube  and blog
in the first place 

k. i need to go before mike thinks im way to in love with him hahahaa ;) 
so over and out guys