Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How To Guide; When Your Ill.

Hey Qt's So I haven't been vlogging and this is because I have the flu however I won't let that stop me,writing a How to guide so Today's How To Guide Is for when you are Ill yes you know it of course I'm going to talk about that so Steps "Tragedy la la la la " Sorry random out burst of singing.


So what to do when you're poorly well first is get comfy nothing say get well soon then some comfy P.J's and a nice blanket in my case I have some reindeer bottoms because well err it's Christmas yay also I have some penguin slippers because I love penguins and because they are just super comfy and if you want to know where they are from both Items are actually from Primark. Next then is my beloved drink at the moment I am in love with Pomegranate tea, which is a health benefit as it builds up your system and fights of toxic's which is ideal for Christmas new year time if you are to go partying. ( This is also fairly cheap as you can always instead of twings get the Asda version).
The next thing I would suggest is a good book or movie. As it is Christmas I am in Love with the Grinch and the Elf they are my ultimate Christmas movies or the legendary Home Alone 1,2 and 3. and book at the moment the book I'm reading Is driving home for Christmas by a author called Emma Hannock.  This is just an Ideal way of escaping for reality and making your eyes drift off helping you to sleep as rest is vitally important when you are poorly.
Lighting, now you all must be thinking lighting what on earth does this  have to do  but when I'm ill I'm normally really light sensitive meaning that even the slightest bright light can cause me to have a headache so I tend to go for my lamp and pretty fairy lights to justify the lighting and also because they are pretty it just makes me feel more christmasy yes I am odd don't judge me.
Lastly it's sleep everyone need's there beauty sleep I'd be lying if I said some need it more then others, but  when your ill nothing is better then falling asleep and having a decent rest so that is my last command of how to for when your poorly. And if you are reading this and you are ill I'm really sorry and I hope you get better soon because having a cold in the christmas Period sucks.

Much Love 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

CHRISTMAS EDDITION ; How to make Christmas Decorations.

Hey guys so I mentioned in my vlogmas video day 7 about going to do a D.I.Y Christmas decoration special however as I am doing a vlogmas video 8 I thought I would just upload the step's of how to make the Christmas decoration I have made part 1.

Now they're are actually quite easy if I'm honest it's literally just a simple paper chain however as  its near Christmas and I hate the feel of tinsel I thought I would use this to decorate my bedroom for the Christmas period.

So what did I use? 
- Scissors
- Stapler
- Paper ( Various Colors)

Step 1: My first step was to fold the paper to into a straight line, and then using the sissors I cut down the line to make one strip of color paper I used scissors because I don't have a ripping ability however feel free to rip away if that is easier for you .

Step 2: I then folded one side of paper to another, till it made a ring and used my stappler to put two sides together this was to keep it in one place you can use glue however I find using a stapler not only  because it was quicker but because it seemed like it would last longer and with glue it would tend to dry more quickly and may lead to it falling off however like I said if all you have is glue in your house feel free to use it.

Step 3; Do step two various amount of times to however long you want your paper chain to be ,but instead of connecting them straight together put them through the loop and then stapple them so it is linked up and is more of a chain then just random rings of paper

So here you go three easy steps to remember along with a quick lets make our room festive decorations, You can use whatever paper you like however I don't seem to own any festive christmas paper. So I just  used normal colored paper.

Much Love