Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Favourites

Hey guys we haven't spoken for a while and yes that is all my fault. BUT guess what GUESS WHO BACK BACK AGAIN. Okay I will stop with the sing song. So in this blog I've been thinking what should I say to you lot and then brave wave hit me well its February now so that means January has been and gone which means not only is it two months till my 18th but I can do a blog on January Favorites.


So I am going to start with HAIR.  and this month I have been loving two simple but affordable and lovely products which are  DUN DUN DUN.....

1) Toni&Guy; Casual SALT SPRAY! now I know that I live by the beach and I swim in the sea come summer time however I love salt spray and this is one of my favorite ones It's great when you want to add some beach waves to your hair in fact me and my partner swear by the stuff. oh and lastly its so small and cute its perfect hand bag size which is what I have started to look for now. 

2) VO5 ultimate hold hairspray lalala. Any one who is in the cabin crew or travel and tourism sector knows that hairspray is your best friend and I was lucky enough to have this given as a Christmas present by one of  my best friends. I highly recommend this as it last forever in your hair and gives not only a great hold but a touch of shine.

  Facial and Perfume

 okay there is one of each on these products and that is, The  Nivea daily essential DOUBLE EFFECT EYE MAKE UP REMOVER. So I am not really one to cleanse and tone everyday but I want to make a start so I decided to invest in this and its actually amazing its an oil base which I wasn't to keen on but the results are amazing and my eyes have never felt so fresh if thats how I can describe this feeling
Okay second is the perfume now for Christmas I got a few perfumes. ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO TELL ME I SMELL. However out of the billion I got there was one that I had been wanting for ages 
and that is the  Loverdose Tattoo. It smells of heaven however it only came in a small bottle so I have been treasuring it and only using it for when I got out to places such as London to see my boyfriend and his family for when I stay to going and staying in Brighton or just for nights out it's so cute and small.

Make Up
 Now make up I don't really wear a lot of make up anymore, but I do have a few favourites of this month and they are the 10 out of 10 eyeshadow of brown and nude colors. which is  actually one of the best thing I have ever put on my face I don't actually know what the brand is because I was given it as a gift but It is one of the best gifts I have got.
Lipstick , Now we all know you know its mine if its got red lipstick on but hey. not anymore in fact I have actually gone for a nude peach lipstick now which is actually a really warm color against my skin making me feel or rosey and yet again this is one of my favorite lipsticks.

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