Thursday, July 17, 2014


Forever 21 
So recently I went shopping and I ended up buying these two beautiful skirts and they look expensive but they are not they are actually £4.50 how beautiful is that so not only are they two colours that I have been in love with for prices like that I couldn't help but buy two.However guys the reason why I put this on line is I'm useless as what to wear it with so any idea? 


Right on to the actual blog Happy fresh Friday guys.
Yes I have dedicated today as fresh Fridays and reason is because the majority of you would off been at school or college lets admit it girls our faces have problem taken a beating from fatty foods and make up brushes. This is why I have now created fresh Fridays and basically every Friday I shall do a post on how you can take care of your face and just what I do because I work in such a tense area that how you look is quite personally that is why when I have a day of or just before bed I make sure that all my make up is of and that I have done the 3 keys. Eye cleanser, Toner and Milk cleanser. And yes off course guys I did buy these products in super drug So I shall just write you a list of what I use but off course this is me and I love giving you little snaps so I have took some photos of me and the products and just my own little routine
Firstly then I used the boots essentials cleansing wipe and with this I just softly went over my face removing any excess make up. I then Moved on to the Loreal  gentle make up remover eye and how I got this of was by using a soft cotton pad and I just placed it on top of my closed lid for a while and then gentle swiped it one way! I would not recommend going back and forward because I got told that can cause wrinkles and well no one wants wrinkles. I then moved on to my toner and this is yet again by the beautiful brand Loreal and it is called the Skin perfection velvety soft toner not only does it get rid of impurities but it also makes the skin feel silky smooth which is always a must in my books. and how I applied this was yet again by a fresh cotton pad. and then lastly I used the Loreal  Skin perfection cleansing and perfecting milk now I wasn't' to keen on this product when I first heard about it but since using it I can tell the difference my face not only feels soft it also feels really hydrated and if you are like me and like things matching then these 3 are a great buy and there are normally some sort of deal on them so that's good to otherwise you may think it might be a bit to much. 
and now lastly going back to the first photo there is a cream in a tub and this is the Nivea soft  refreshing moisturising cream now this has been a family favourite for years I can actually remember my mum putting it on my face everyday before primary school and the smell of it is a mix of childhood and summer holidays to Spain! (WEIRD combo I know). Anyway yes this pretty much sums up my fresh Friday face for you and I know I have post this at 22:00 on a Thursday but if I am honest I am at work all of Friday and therefore wont be able to POST this so Happy Friday everyone!

Links to where all the products can be found:

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Cleansing  Perfecting Milk 200ml

- http://www.superdrug.com/Skin/Face/Cleansers-%26-Scrubs/L%27Oreal-Skin-Perfection-Cleansing-%26-Perfecting-Milk-200ml/p/868083#.U8gru_ldWeU

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Velvety-Soft Toner 200ml


L'Oreal Absolute Eye & Lip Make Up Remover 125ml



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