Saturday, July 19, 2014

Things to do when your sad because who on earth is always HAPPY

So I have tried to think when is the perfect time for me to blog, as you can see I don't really keep to a plan or a certain day, but also I need to fit it around work so when is the perfect time for me to blog? This is why for the duration of my 1hr and 1min journey I have decided to dedicate it to you deciding on what to write for you lovely people.

This is why as the skies changed from blue to grey I am sit here talking to you about thoughts deep thoughts not thoughts on make up or happy blog's but just thoughts and today I thought I'd do a blog on what to do when you are sad. Because lets face it we cant always be happy as much as we try to put that smile on our face we simply cant always be happy there is always going to be some cloud to ruin our happiness. but we just have to say FUCK YOU cloud. Or go away cloud for those of you reading this who don't like swearing and here is my ways of helping you through this cloud to a place of rainbows and blue skies.

Firstly then I don't know about you but when I am sad the first thing I do is put on a big baggy tee or jumper, prefer my nans or my boyfriends, The next thing I do is I grab a cuppa! ( Your just my cuppa!) oh god I am such a cringe but yes tea always helps but seeing as I am trying to be healthy in my case it is water at the moment and yes I can hear you guys screaming (Wa-ter you doing)! but yes I need to lose weight so here I am drinking water trying to be healthy. However when I do have a tea it has to be two sugars and through a straw thats the way it has to be done guys none of this no straw crap. 
After all of this I tend to normal be depressing and flick through old photos on my phone or I even tend to tidy up I believe a clean tidy room is a clean tidy mind, which could be great for you who are all over thinking. So here you can just see that I have tidy up my desk area and my make up now If your thinking eww Emma your room so bare yes it is but I am waiting for pay day so that I can go and decorate my room and make it all girly and pretty so I can youtube and do pretty blog's in it!

I also find it really relaxing to take nice long walks now I don't normally tend to walk around as I am always tired from work but I do enjoy my morning walk from the house to the station through the park so much that I always stop to take photos! Now when I was home home not like London home but House where my parents still live in by the seaside ( Could I make this any more complicated). Okay lets re word this basically in the past whenever I was sad I liked to go through my old pokemon cards ! Yes I said it you heard it here first I had pokemon cards but then again what 90's or before kid didn't have pokemon cards. It's a weird thing to do but these cards actually once belonged to my cousin who passed away so these was actually a big deal to me as a child and teen and still are today! EVERYONE KNOWS POKEMON CARDS ARE A BIG DEAL.

Another thing I do when I am sad is I always try and look at the bigger picture. by this I mean think of my favorite things Like what if Vampire diaries was actually real or How are the Northern lights so beautiful or just little things like I wonder what the world looks like from other planets! It sounds so weird but I do find it odd that we are literally all on a floating pee with water. Whilst doing all of this I do tend to be laying on a blanket or a few blankets So I will either cry or just sleep I always find sleeping helping when I am in a down mood ? what about you ?
 And lastly you know what's a really good thing when your down a good CRY! just let it all out paint your sadness with your tears, no one is judging hug someone and hold them tight if needs be just cry because sometimes its the only way your body can deal with it.

But most importantly my beautiful people,No matter how much you are hurting, How much pain your in, how you feel like your life is over and how you feel like you are no one, I want you to know something you are someone you are someone to me, someone to your family someone to your friends and yes you may be having a bad day we all do but its a bad day the rain will come and the storm with fade but tomorrow is still another day so you take that day and you make it your day! You chase your dreams you stand up to your fears as my dear dad would say! " Emma I will throw you to the wolves. Because I know you will come back leading the pack!" Now I never got that but now I do and I think its amazing its all about taking the day head on your all beautiful unstoppable people so make it shine because I believe in you so if you want a sad day have a sad day we all do I mean I do but its just a sad day not a sad life, Because life's what you make it and I think all you beautiful people should go and follow your dreams and make life how you want it to be
we all have free will
 so yes here I am coming to an end of my blog just promise me if your sad be sad but don't be down forever because whilst your sad who is going to fall in love or help that pretty smile of yours 

Night all you beautiful people
Em x


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