Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A trip back home! (SARAH AND EMILY EDITION)

 Random update:
 I have got a new phone yes finally I know I have moaned about phones throughout blogs but I have finally got one which has got the best lens possible and if you don't know what one I am talking about it's the iphone 5c in Green! (Which is beautiful).
Any how since I got the phone I haven't been able to put it down and the reason why is simply because of the photo's it produces.

Hello guys!  So this weekend well Monday and Tuesday I got to go back home to see the loved ones and I had such a beautiful time the sun was shinning like a massive big yellow ball of fire and the sea was cold not to cold but cold enough to say the least and it really did feel like summer. Although I do love my job and London it was nice just to be able to go to the beach and listen to the waves crash against one another and just relax. Oh god I am sounding like an old woman! I promise I am still 18 not 80 although at times I do feel a lot lot older. Anyway Emma stop rambling just get on with it, so as you have already read I kind of went on a bit about my camera and why is that well now I can show you why that is.
 so here is a Little photo of me that my lovely beautiful fellow blogger and friend Sarah Adde took of me coming out the sea! Firstly I just want to mention that I had such fun and the reason I actually was pulling the face was because a big wave crept up behind me that was not fun. 

Here she is the lovely Sarah Adde, So yes on Monday I got to spend the day with her firstly we went shopping as every girl does. However this wasn't any shopping this was shopping for the boyfriend because he's been recently really stressed so I wanted to treat him and hopefully he won't read this because I do want to add what I brought (1 DIRECTION NIALL SOCKS). Anyway These two photos are me and Sarah by Eastbourne beach enjoying the sun shine and trying to make our lovely lunch go down which by the way we had in Cosmo. So good and if you've never been there I think you should, 
So yeah that's what me and Sarah did on our day out together! And I just want to give her a quick shout out because she is my best friend and I do miss her an awful lot and I want her to know that I had such a perfect day with her. And although I live in the big city of tall buildings and red buses she will always be my best friend and chummy because she knows way to much|!


Moving on then After me and Sarah had gone our separate ways on two different buses, I got greeted by my one and only! LITTLE MISS FIELD! and if anyone actually watches my you tube videos you will know that Miss field or Emily as she is known to others is in the majority of my videos but is also like a sister to me that why it was so important that I got to spend the evening with her! so what did we do well if you know me and Em you will know that we do the most weirdest things! and normally we would do make overs but seeing as my face is covered in make up four days a week. I thought we could do a spa night! So we got out the music! Okay so it wasn't soulful music but it was still a banging tune and then we put on face mask! which our from super-drug and then we spent the whole evening talking to my mum about everything under the sun from Boyfriends to Babies and to me living up here! and Emily saying I needed to put weight on to my mum saying I needed to lose it! anyway here are a few snaps of the one and only!

Football tee's and Facemask!

Saying goodbye!

So saying bye is always the worse bit of leaving my family and friends however I took them out for a nice lunch before getting a taxi to go back to the station to come home to London!

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