Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little Party Never killed nobody

"1 2 3, 123 123 drink, throw them back till I lose count"

So the song actually doesn't have anything to do with the mini party post however I do think it is such a beautiful song so off course I want you guys to listen to it and to enjoy it as much as I do because its such a good song! and you will be missing out if you don't. Anyway moving on the post that I will be doing is just a little blog about my boyfriends brother and girlfriends engagement party which was such a special beautiful event. Firstly it was a garden party and well we all know how I love cute and cringey stuff so this was perfect for me. Anyway I don't want to rumble on to much as I want to show you some really cute photos and just want to express how much fun

Firstly then when we was getting ready my boyfriend thought it would be a great idea to lay on me and pretty much fall asleep! It's quite upsetting really because I know how he feels as we both work such long hours and do so many days a week we are always really tired but its great we are at that stage in the relationship where it doesn't matter if I don't wear make up and it doesn't matter if he falls asleep on me because we are very comfortable with one another and that's all that counts in a relationship? Am I right? 

                                          Finally we had got ready and was on our way to go out! A quick outfit of the day! The gorgeous one I am next to is wearing a jumper from topman which my mum had brought him for his birthday, and I am wearing a dress from HM sunglasses from raybans and a white cardigan which is his mums not mine but I am guessing marks and sparks (Spencers).

on route,for once he wasn't driving which meant I got to hold his hand in the car. (such a cringe).

As it was quite a personal event I don't want to post many photos up but THIS is my favourite photo of all times of me and the boyfriend in the garden and yes that is a drink in my hand! I just want to say then that  The night was so magical and it was so warm hearted and everyone there clearly came  cared for the bride and groom which made it even more special! and I would just like to say Congratulations to them both

( Me and the boyfriend After one to many
however he still looks as gorgeous as ever
how lucky am I.)

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